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Fall at Flying Horse Ranch

Fall at Flying Horse Ranch

Fall on the ranch is spent winding down from all the summer’s activity. The hay is all put up and for that we are thankful. This year was a severe drought year but because we have good sprinkler irrigation on a majority of our meadows , we ended up with 2/3 of a normal-year crop. The drought has affected wildlife as well. The elk are down low already because there is no water up high. The bears are very hungry and aggressive before they take to their dens. The skunks and raccoons are also very bold and are getting into any bird seed, cat food or grain that has been left somewhat accessible. The horses are growing hair and the sheep and cattle are getting fat. There are things to be put away and firewood to be cut. It’s been a beautiful, long fall but we are all hoping for a substantial winter with lots of snow!

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